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Lawrisa Genesis Harris

"We're going to ride this until the other leg falls off"

- Genesis Harris

Survivor.  If you had to use one word to describe Lawrisa “Genesis” Harris, this would be it.  Looking at her you would never know she was a left leg amputee and cancer survivor at the age of seven.  She also has survived multiple rapes; physical, mental, and emotional abuse; and major health challenges throughout her life.  For each challenge life gave her, Genesis surpassed them with accomplishments.  Her new book, The Secrets of a Fallen Rising Star, gives you a candid and often painful look at her life journey and how she has turned her pain into power, becoming a modern day Renaissance woman and self proclaimed “Ambitious Amputee”. Her many titles include author, motivational speaker, fashion designer, truck driver, motorcycle enthusiast, and so much more.   


Raised in Detroit and Flushing, Michigan, Genesis graduated from high School in 1991 and attended Oakland Community College and Wayne County Community College obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Law and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree. She has three children. Having her first, Melody at just 18 years old, and her second daughter Dymonde, seven years later (after she was told she could never have children).  She also adopted a third daughter Iesha. Genesis has two grandsons Donavan and Karter and two granddaughters, Harmony and Alexis. She has a strong passion and love for babies, children and family.


The “Ambitious Amputee” has embarked on several careers including one as a former law enforcement agent (that included undercover work and working for former Detroit Mayor Coleman Young), and as an entrepreneur owning a celebrity security business.  In 2018, she recorded with the reality show Queen City Fame and as a sought after motivational speaker, has spoken at various events.  Genesis is also a music enthusiast, who credits the power of music with helping her get through some of the most difficult times of her life.  Listening to music and playing an instrument have proven to have a great impact on her life.


As an avid motorcycle rider, in 2008 Genesis was the first woman in history to charter a co-ed motorcycle club called—“Methodical Mizfitz MC” and one of very few amputees to ride a motorcycle in the United States.  When she is not speaking at an event or working on her forthcoming amputee reality show, she is driving a semi truck all over the U.S.  She has designed her own shoe and clothing line targeted at a market forgotten by so many—amputees.  She is also a proud amputee model.


Genesis has always been the one to chase her dreams, breaking records as she goes. She has obtained a 4th degree Black Belt in Martial Arts and is currently working on two additional books as she continues to tell her truth on how she has turned tragedy into triumph. But as she always quotes “I’m gonna’ ride this life, like I ride my motorcycle or until the other leg falls off!”


Genesis currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she has found her peace. She has dedicated her life to helping others and providing guidance and hope to other amputees as she lives out the destiny that God has called her to.


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"Thinker Outlast The Beast"

- Genesis Harris

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